Belizean sunrise

Friday, 15 February 2013

Adios El Salvador

Wow...cant believe the week is over already.  I'm at the San Salvador airport now waiting for my one-hour flight to Belize.  I was 3 hours early because Michael's flight was earlier   I sweet talked the desk to let him join me in the Taca Lounge so we had another drink before he left   All in all, a great time.  Too much drink and food - which will continue out on the Belize Island week.  I might turn into a real drunk.  :)

I'm getting tired of posting pics on Facebook, Shutterfly and here - so if you read this and are bored, this is the link to see the 2 pictures albums of El Salv.

OK, short nap now - the Johnny Walker is kicking in.  Ciao.

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