Belizean sunrise

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

End of the trip

Jan 25th was the end of this trip and I returned to Calif. I haven't been keeping up with the Blog as well as I should. Mostly because my laptop was acting up while in Belize. The video card is going bad. There are vertical lines that appear for no good reason. But I discovered inadvertently that putting the laptop in it's case while running heats it up and makes the video card work. It's just a matter of time before it will crash so I've been looking at new laptops now I'm back in the states. The tech guy says it'd cost more to put a new video card than it's worth. It has served me well so maybe it's time.

I'm about caught up on things here...doing taxes, etc. A friend has been collecting my mail minus the grocery ads etc. It's amazing how I can be gone for 10 weeks and only a few pieces of mail are meaningful. Almost everything's online...Bank of America's Bill Pay is great.

Last week an old friend from Indiana called. He had recently retired and wanted to go somewhere together (his wife is still working). We had been roommates in Indianapolis after college and have been in touch here and there over the many years. We get along well so I thought it'd be a great idea. I get tired of traveling alone.

I sent him some info about Belize and he got the bug to visit. So, next week we'll be meeting in Belize and I'll show him some of the Placencia and visiting some areas I haven't been to, e.g. Cayo jungles and Caye Caulker maybe. He only has a week but I'll probably stay another 3 weeks. Maybe invite someone else down to show them around too. I enjoy it there more than here most of the time. The weather is colder than I like here...yes, I know it's all relative.

The end for now, more later..........